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Back Bay Loop

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Back Bay Loop

Postby Merckx_Rider » Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:19 am

Back in the days of my youth, I rode with a great bunch of guys. We went all over. Round trips to Pendelton on the weekend, trips to the Queen Mary, Inland loops on all the back roads, we went everywhere. Our wanderlust was never satisfied. I got to go and see and ride the length of Southern California from San Diego to Santa Monica. Every bike trail, ever board walk. Venice was fun, I really enjoyed the top less beach - :D

These days, I find myself riding solo pretty much all the time. I usually stick to the river trail just because there are no cars. I guess I just got tired of the same old out and back ride. I checked over the maps and found a nice safe set of roads to travel to get out of the rut I've been in.

I say safe, but is PCH ever safe? The only way into the back bay is by way of PCH, so once I got that behind me I felt very relaxed.

The last time I rode the back bay was almost 20 years ago. Still pretty much the same other than all new roads, trails, bridges... I guess progress knows all the best places. I"m not saying it's not nice, its just very different than the well kept nature preserve I remembered.

Was a pleasant ride, a trip down memory lane. Made me miss the old days and the guys I used to ride so well with. We were a tight team, steady and fast. I used to depend on the draft from these others to "rest" and keep the speeds up...

Now I have a new riding partner, my Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike. What a great ride it made this trip. I flew up the hills on PCH at over 20mph, the steep rise at the end of the back bay was child's play as I whipped past everyone. I had a blast. Better than my very beautiful road bike. I'm glad I didn't have any one go with me, would have just slowed me down. The best part of this new form of transportation is the hybrid energy sharing the electric bike does with me. I ride as hard and output the same energy I would on my road bike. The electric bike adds the difference in power to the back wheel to make up for the extra weight the loaded bike and a good deal of me. This lets me ride like I am on my road bike. The difference of the tire size 4 inches wide verses less than 1 inch is tremendous. The fat tires make the bike such a pleasure to ride. Almost no road vibration. Traction of unbelievable amounts. Stopping power, cornering, straight line stability, the fat tire bike is better than anything that I've ridden before. I now have over 2 thousand fat tire miles under my belt and I can safely say I really enjoyed each one of them.

After the back bay I worked my way back to the river trail by way of surface streets, most had bike lanes. There were some tight spots along the way, I had to jump up on the side walk a couple times just to stay safe. Got to go thru some new neighborhoods I had yet to ride, and found out that there is fast food just minutes off the bike trail... Hope I don't get too fat...

Was nice to do some exploring, I think I'm going to do more.

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